Mtn has been awarding free data to their subscribers it first started with WOW WEEKEND but here is another data plan that will leave you breathless.

Mtn introduced a new airtime + data services called XTRA VALUE BUNDLE
It comprises of ALL-IN-ONE VOICE + DATA to suit your lifestyle 

It comes in various sizes M, L , XL,
M= Medium. L= Large. XL= XTRA Large
N300 Plan
Airtime for Calls: N372.00
Data : 150MB
How to Subscribe: Text D300 to 131
Validity: 7days

N500 Plan offers
Airtime Value for Calls: N624.00
Data : 300MB
To Subscribe: Text D500 to 131
Valid for: 7days

N1000 Plan offers
Airtime for Calls: N1,275
Data : 750MB
To Subscribe: Text D1000 to 131
Valid for: 14days

N2000 Plan
Airtime for Calls: N2,560
Data : 2000MB
To Subscribe: Text D2000 to 131
Valid for : 30days

N5,000 plan offers
Airtime for Calls: N6,500
Data : 5000MB
To Subscribe: Text D5000 to 131
Valid for : 30days

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